Cancellation Policy

At PhxCA, our goal is to make acupuncture available to people who can benefit from it- even if they don't have a lot of money. We charge as little as we possibly can, and we keep our business running because we treat a lot of patients. Community acupuncture only works because our patients treat the clinic like a shared resource that they really care about. You're not a simply customer here, you are a participant. When you get acupuncture here, you are helping other people get acupuncture. Your presence in the treatment room supports other people's healing.

Our sliding scale means that we operate on razor-thin margins. We're not complaining because we've got the best jobs in the world ~ and the best patients, too! We know that things come up, but with how little we charge, we need you to be responsible for keeping your appointments. If you don't show up or if you need to cancel on short notice, it impacts our operations and may prevent another patient from getting the acupuncture they need.

PhxCA runs on co-operation. We need jobs and you need acupuncture. If we co-operate, we believe that we can all get what we need even though none of us have a lot of money.

As a PhxCA patient, your responsibility is to give at least 4 hours notice to cancel an appointment. You must also give 4 hours notice to change your appointment to another day.

If you don't show up to your appointment or if you cancel with less than 4 hours notice, you will need to pay a fee of $15.

To cancel on short notice you must CALL. Please do not email us about cancellations.

Thank you for your consideration.