COVID-19: Preventative Steps @PhxCA

Dear Community

I just wanted to give another update on how we are handling health issues here at PhxCA in light of recent events with COVID-19.

We've been following this closely over the few weeks. Checking in with the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and fellow healthcare practitioners across the country to make sure we're doing everything we can to protect the community.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, please stay home if you have fever, chills, a sudden cough, or vomiting/diarrhea, or if you are caring for someone who is ill. You will not be charged a fee if you cancel due to illness, although we do ask you to give us as much notice as you can, since no shows pose a financial strain for us, and also prevent us from assigning appointments to others who need them.

The main symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, cough and shortness of breath. Please call your Primary Care Provider if you are experiencing these symptoms.

Remember that it is both cold/flu season AND allergy season. Runny nose and sneezing are not symptoms of COVID-19 and coughing is also a side effect of numerous prescription medications. Coughing, sniffling, and sneezing from allergies or as the side effect of a medication are not contagious.


-Stay home if ill/think you may be getting ill, or caring for someone who is ill. We'll be strictly enforcing these rules for the safety of everyone and may need to reschedule you if we feel it's in the greater interest of the community.

-Please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you enter the clinic. There are 2 hand sanitizer stations in the waiting room :)

What we're doing to increase social distancing and flatten the curve @PhxCA
-We are actively following and consulting the CDC, World Health Organization and local health agencies precautionary measures.

-As always, we thoroughly sanitize our hands before and after every patient contact. We appreciate your patience as it might take an extra few minutes to get to you for this reason.

-On top of our regular clinic cleaning procedures, we are disinfecting all surfaces such as door handles, tables, handles, and light switches multiple times a day.

-Sheets and blankets are changed between every client. Although no evidence has been found that COVID-19 can stick to soft cloth surfaces like sheets, we want to be as cautious as possible. We also have some blankets available for purchase.

- Public health recommendations suggest at least a 6 foot distance between people when seated. We have removed several chairs from our treatment space, and the remaining chairs are a minimum of 6 feet apart.

- We installed an airscrubber so that all recirculated air in our clinic is cleaned, and have 5 medical grade HEPA air purifiers in the clinic.

-We have an exhaust vent constantly pulling out air, and are leaving the doors open to promote

-To prevent large groups forming in the waiting room, we will not be accepting walk-ins for the time being. Please call if you do not have an appointment, we do get last minute cancellations, so we may be able to work you in!

-We will stay home if we are sick, even if it means closing the clinic.

-We are attentive to regular updates from public health organizations, as this is a developing situation, and we will introduce new measures if necessary.

Suggestions for staying healthy and preventing the spread of illness:

Clean your hands often, especially after being in public places. Washing is best (20 seconds of soap, warm water and friction!) Alcohol-based sanitizer is good to keep on you and use often. Prioritize sleep, stay active, and eat well. Acupuncture is a great immune booster, too! If you cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow/shoulder, or into a tissue. Avoid contact with people who're sick, and stay home when you are sick.

as well as the Center for Disease Control's website here:


-If you don't have any symptoms, and are in a low risk group, come in and get a treatment! Acupuncture is great at helping to maintain a healthy immune system and much has been said about how stress and worry tax our immune systems further.

-Even if you aren't getting acupuncture currently, you can purchase our Tax Day Special from now through the end of April (5 treatments for $75). We also have gift certificates available and can take payments over the phone or in person.

-Simply make a tax deductible donation to the clinic! No amount is too small. Like many nonprofits, our margins run tight as we aim to make acupuncture as accessible to as many folks as possible. We are here for you!

I think we can all use a reminder: Don't panic! Be smart and sensible of course, but we'll get through this together. Community is a great resource for combating the effects of fear and panic. Come on in, we'd love to see you.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

See you soon,

Mayo Wardle
LAc AZ 0726