Why do I choose to treat in a community clinic?

About halfway through Acupuncture college, I started questioning the cost of treatment.  An average treatment ranges from $60 to over a hundred per treatment. Acupuncture is energy medicine, we know that diseases that take a while to progress, will in turn need time to resolve. I  was student, and all the money woes being a “starving student” comes with. I couldn’t afford regular treatments, even at the discounted student rates offered at the college.  It began to really bother me, how am I going to tell my patients to get regular treatment, when I myself didn’t and couldn’t?

Around my third year in college, there began to be murmurings of something called Community Style Acupuncture.  There were clinics popping up around the country where patients were treated in a group setting, often in recliners (as opposed to massage tables), and being charged an affordable, sliding scale! And there was a book, Acupuncture is Like Noodles, explaining how and why to set up a clinic in this way.  This completely changed everything for me.

And two years later, after a move to Phoenix, AZ, and a baby, I opened Phoenix Community Acupuncture!  And I’m blessed and thrilled everyday I get to be a  part of this wonderful revolution!  In my clinic you can take a nap, have a healing treatment, and be a part too!